Friday, 10 October 2014

Atriums are a waste of Space...

Alba Systems don't like atriums, lets be honest they look good but they are using up valuable space.

Thankfully a large Scottish college had they same opinion, when they had been in their award winning new building for a few years they realised they could have more classroom space if they could fill in the void. Having installed several mezzanine floors previously in the building they contacted Alba Systems again to see if the proposal was feasible. 
Access to the area was a challenge in the fact the only way to get material to the area was up a large set of stairs.

Alba met the challenge head on and the result was a new classroom turning the glass atrium into a 2 storey glass fronted useable area. If you need to use your space better give Alba a call to discuss we are here to help.

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  1. I agree. High ceilings look nice, but they really are a waste of space. A mezzanine floor can keep the effect while making use of the area better. I think my office building is starting to consider the same idea. I'll be happy if we get a mezzanine floor sometime soon.

    Jenn |