Thursday, 13 February 2014

What company should I use to buy a Mezzanine Floor in Scotland?

"Where do I go to buy a mezzanine platform in Scotland?"  The answer is simple.....

Alba Systems are Scotland's only dedicated mezzanine floor manufacturer to trade and business to business.
We provide a free estimate, design and consultation at enquiry stage.
our unrivalled knowledge of building control regulations will allow us to evaluate your proposal at the quotation stage ensuring you are installing the correct solution and not leaving yourself with any costly surprises by using an English based manufacturer.
Scottish regulations and English regulations controlling the design of mezzanine floors are very different in a lot of situations.
Speak to Alba and get it right first time.

Have a look at the Alba website.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Watch Out Alba's about

Alba Systems delivery truck can be spotted up and down the UK delivering a mezzanine to another satisfied customer on a daily basis.

Look out for the Q-Dek Mezzanine Systems logo on the back and side of the lorry.