Friday, 16 May 2014

Roll out the Barrel....

Alba Systems have just completed a multi-level staircase to allow access to whiskey barrels at Inverhouse Distillers.

To be called Scotch Whiskey the product has to be kept in a cask for a minimum of three years.
The barrels have to be checked periodically to check the Angels aren't helping themselves to a cheeky wee extra share.

After the racking was installed Alba Systems installed an impressive three level staircase with a top level at almost 8M to provide access to the barrels of the liquid gold.

Whilst touring the site Stuart Torrance of Alba Systems witnessed a barrel of 50 year old whiskey being opened and sent for bottling. It's incredible to think the guy who laid the cask to rest 50 years ago will be long retired as it was laid down to mature in May 1964.

Friday, 9 May 2014

Stair to nowhere....

Alba has just completed one of three large staircase structures at a site in Runcorn in Cheshire.
This Stair leads nowhere at the moment...Why?

The Staircases are fire escapes that are to be clad in a one hour fire rated enclosures as safe means of escape from the large 3 tier mezzanine floor.

Once the staircases are complete and encased the mezzanine structure will be installed giving the customer four floors of storage in this large warehouse.

Alba installation team leader Phil McCabe commented "I can build these things with my eyes shut, which I do because I'm scared of heights"

Look out for more details on this as this project develops.