Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Mezzanine Gallery installed ready for new tenant.

Alba Systems have  just completed another Q-Dek Mezzanine floor installation for one of our distributors in Glasgow.

It's not often we get a clear unit to work in so this ensured installation was completed in double quick time, this photograph was taken mid afternoon on the second day on site.

This gives the new tenant a place to put all their storage items when the move into the unit.

For more information contact us through our website www.albasystems.co.uk

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Can I put a mezzanine floor in an upstairs office?

Alba Systems were called into investigate if  it was possible to install a mezzanine floor into a 150 year old grain store in Edinburgh that had been converted into an office building.

The customer occupied the first floor and needed to expand, the building had a high vaulted ceiling but the floor was not load bearing enough to take a mezzanine structure.
After Alba engineers visited site we came up with a unique solution.

Stuart Torrance of Alba Systems: "The customer required additional office space within the existing room. Normally mezzanine floors are free standing and bolted to the floor slab but in this situation the floor wasn't capable of supporting the point loads. We decided to use the existing 150 year old cast iron columns as support on the front edge where there wasn't any walls to attach to.
This then though up the problem that something like this could be brittle to drill into or even weld.
We decided on circular column clamps to attached to these as you see in the picture. The other end of the structure was bolted back into the hidden limestone wall using chemical anchors.

The installation of this was carried out at a weekend when the staff weren't in , we also used a crane to lift the steelwork through a first floor window.

This again demonstrates the flexibility of Alba to carry out projects that don't fall under the standard modular mezzanine you buy from most manufacturers. We also designed the structural element in-house and applied and obtained the building warrant within two weeks from Edinburgh City Council"

For more information on mezzanine floors from the unusual to the more standard, large or small visit our website  or give us a call and get one of our team to pay you a visit to discuss your requirements.